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Meet Mu - A Mums in Bath Star

Meet Mahmuda, or as everyone knows her, Mu. Born in Bristol, of Bengali parents, Mu lived in Bath from the age of four. Despite moving away when she got married and started her family, Mu always felt like Bath was home and moved back here to be close to her family after her husband sadly passed away.

Life has been tough for Mu. Her husband died in a car accident in 2006, leaving her to raise four small children alone. However, despite the challenge of supporting her children whilst grieving herself, Mu has been determined to make sure her children had the best possible childhood.

She decided that she was going to make sure that she gave her children happy memories. She

didn’t want their overriding childhood memory to be of a tragedy. So she travelled with them. She took them on adventures to Hawaii, Australia, Disney World and on a Mediterranean Cruise.

In 2018, inspired by her good friend Paula, Mu decided to start her own business, powered by Travorium. This travel club business rewards members with Travel Points to be used on dream holidays. At the time the company had been established in the USA for a while and was about to launch in the UK. Mu started her own business, 'Mu's Jewels On The Beach' with the mission to help other people's holiday dreams come true. The business also enables her to help people make savings on everyday shopping, gift buying and days/evenings out. This business has offered Mu a lifestyle, fun and freedom and allows her to help other people have a better life too.

One of the benefits of Mu's business is that she can afford to go on amazing adventures. Because prices stay the same throughout the year, she is even able to travel during the, usually cost prohibitive, school holidays. Mu says, 'I joined the company for my own savings, however after a few months I found I was so excited by it that I was talking about it to anyone who would listen, so decided to go forward and steam ahead in the business.'

Another benefit to Mu is that she found a community of like-minded people who quickly became like an extended family. This has had a great impact on her emotional health. After losing her husband, life has been really challenging, especially at important times of the year such as birthdays and Christmas. The community that Mu has built through her business has given her support and new found happiness that she struggled to find before.

When she isn't being a full-time mum (and dad) to her four children, or helping peope go on amazing holidays, Mu loves making jewellery. She works with Swarovski elements crystals, even holding fashion shows for charity with her handmade yewellery. Mu told me, 'I have always taken my jewellery making with me on holiday. Once on a flight to Florida, I looked up to see I had an audience! When I’m in my creative zone I am in a world of my own! Hence the name 'Mu’s Jewels On The Beach'.'

During lockdown, Mu's eldest daughter got married. She was very proud to be able to make her a head piece known as a Tikli to match her Asian wedding dress.

I asked Mu, as an experienced mum of 4, what advice would she give other mums. She said her advice would be not to waste money on materialistic toys and gadgets but to spend time with your children and make memories to treasure, even if it is staycations, or days out to theme parks, or just a trip to the local beach. It’s these memories that will last.

Mu's business is one that anyone can benefit from. She said 'In this strange year of 2020 with lockdown and quarantine, a lot of people have been able to refocus on the important things in life, and a lot more are looking at working from home permanently. This is an opportunity not to be missed and I would recommend to everyone to take a look and get in touch to find out more.'

If you would like to find out more about Mu's Jewel's on the Beach, and the benefits to you and your family, you can contact Mu by email ( or Facebook here.

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